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I had a request for a wire art doll and I made several since I was on a creative roll. I try to take advantage of those times.

My on-line art class Altered Art Doll Mania At Artful Gathering will be coming to an end soon and I will then be drawing names for a random giveaway to my students.

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Random Prize Drawings at Artful Gathering 2016

I am teaching an Altered Art Doll Mania Class at Artful Gathering 2016 and these two dolls as well as a doll kit will be randomly given away at the end of the session to students enrolled for my class.

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Block Art Angel

I started making these block angels several years ago and I think it's time to create more.

The wings and face are created with polymer clay.

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Wire Art Doll Dunce

This is a wire doll I created back in 2009. The upper torso and head were made from polymer clay  and the arms are coiled wire. I love working with wire and my biggest inspiration that drew me to this medium is Mixed Media Jewelry Artist Richard Salley. His wire work in jewelry is totally amazing!!

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Leather works


Before I was fully engaged into the art I create now, I use to work in leather quite a bit. I incorporated stamping, wire, markers, and beading in creating these dolls. I was exploring Native American Images and symbols and some of my work today still has that similar feel.


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Artful Gathering 2016 Workshop Registration starts today!!

Artful Gathering on-line workshop registration begins today! Stop by and checkout all of the awesome courses being offered by some very talented artist from all over the world! The first session begins in June 6,2016.

I will be offering a class "Altered Art Doll Mania" where I will be teaching how to create one of kind art dolls(Domino Art Doll & Scrabble Angel) from start to finish using several altering techniques.


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Artful Gathering On-line Art Retreat Annual Registration is Now Open


Artful Gathering is now open for the annual registration check it out here!

Below is the listing of classes being offered for session I, as well as the artists teaching. Check out Artful Gathering Website for more details!



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Artful Gathering Annual Hop Begins

2016 Artful Instructor Hop & Highlights!

Get ready to Hop! Starting today you can join our hop and play along with us each week, while meeting our 2016 instructors. We've created a beautiful slideshow of artworks for you to enjoy when you visit each of our destinations.

Remember to collect the secret words we have hidden on each of the hop pages you will be visiting. New secret words will be revealed each week as we Hop Along together to Artful Gathering 2016.

Annual Hop Begins Here!


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Artful Gathering 2016

I will be teaching a mixed media art doll class at Artful Gathering 2016 this coming summer. It's still in the works with taping my class and it has been such a huge leap for me regarding learning something new. The group of artists I will be joining at Artful Gathering are phenominal artists and I am honored to be a part of it!! I will keep you posted as the weeks progress. 

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MIxed Media Art Doll Angel


This is a protoype of an angel I've been working on for a few years. It's been sitting on the back burner until I get the inspiration to work with it more. Loving the folk style of this piece!


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