New Art Doll

A new art doll completed this past week. The legs are part of a compass and have been wired to hang as legs for a while. They were waiting for the right body. 


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Work Happening in my studio

I have been spending a little more time in my studio monoprinting. Trying out new stencils and combination of print stencils and colors.

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Black and White Monoprint

Had some down time to myself and I spent it in the studio printing monoprints. I'm little more methodical about my placement of color and layerings. Before I use to let things evolve by chance.

New Work














I've had a bit of a creative boost since my return from our vacation out west. This art doll is made from wire mesh, leather, rusted nails, game pieces, metal, and fibers.

Photography of New Mexico Landscape













Our second day on the train, I snapped this shot first entering New Mexico.













This photograph was taken at Ghost Ranch,New Mexico where Georgia O'Keefe use to live and paint. This was a reflection off of a window of the setting sun against the beautiful landscape.

We primitive tent camped at Ghost Ranch in order to get some pictures of the setting and rising sun. This is photograph of the sun rising. It was very peaceful and quite. During the middle of the night you could hear  the coyotes howling off in the distance.











On our way home from Ghost Ranch, we stop to visit Blanca Plaza, which are natural white rock formations.

New Mexico Exploration

In addition to visiting family in New Mexico, one of my goals was to visit the studio of Artist Bill Skrips in Cerrillos, New Mexico. Along the way to Bill's studio we came across an origami garden. All the large sculptural pieces were made out of steel. My young one loves origami, so this stop was a necessity!




After about an hour in the hot sun, we were on our way once more to Cerrillos.







We finally made it to Bill's Studio and it was pretty awesome. Awesome from the point of view of another assemblage artist. Bill chatted with me for sometime about his work. I loved being there first hand to see and touch such incredible work! The rawness and yet simplicity of his work was inspiring.




This is one of my favorites that he had lying around.



Incredible natural light coming into the studio.



Bill has also been working with block printing. Checkout his website for more of his fascinating work at:




Wire Art Doll Trina

Hand woven wire art doll that measures about 8"x2". The center is a red vintage mercury glass bulb. The background is one of my monoprints. Head rotates 360 degrees.

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Mixed Media Paper Art Doll Bette

Mixed media paper art doll Bette is created from paper, fabric, porcelain, and found objects. Background pic is a monoprint I created.


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Mixed Media Spool Art Doll

Spool Art Dolls sitting in my studio looking for a new home!


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