Sprite Sisters I

I made these art dolls earlier in the year and I finally made the time to post them. They are fun art dolls to create.

Trio Of Art Dolls

I'm in the process in finishing up some art dolls I had sitting around my studio. I still have several more left to do, and hopefully that will be done before the year is up. It has been nice taking a break from art shows this year. I think I just became so burned out with doing show after show and I didn't do too many to begin with. I have a lot of respect for those artists who have a full schedule of art shows back to back. I mean some are doing anywhere from 25-30 shows a year and a few I'm sure require a lot of traveling. I just can't seem to bring myself to do that. I would spread myself out too thin and just too stressful for me. I was fortune enough to teach on line this year and that was an adventure and it was one thing I had always wanted to try. It's all good and very rewarding!!!

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Mixed Media Art Doll Della

I used a paper clip looped through the back hole on the vintage metal clip to get the doll to hang from a thumbtack. She was hanging on the wall at my work. You can hang her normally from the hole on the handle, I just used a paper clip because the thumbtack head was way too big to fit through the hole so I had to improvise.

I will sometimes take my art work to work and hang it up so I can critique it throughout the day. My daytime job is designing for lumber company, so I'm on the computer the whole time I'm there. That gives me plenty of opportunities to glance over and give her look over.

I originally started with the binding from a book as the main body and then it just evolved from there.   Everything came together except for the arms. They were originally the hands with wire showing for the arms, but that just didn't work too well for me. The wire blended too much with the background, so I opted for paper sleeves.


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Madonna Assemblage

Spent sometime in the studio this afternoon working on projects that have been set to the side for quite a while. Trying to finish them up before starting any new ones. I will post them I as I finish them.

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Mixed media paper Doll

Mixed media paper art doll Louise is made with various types of paper, vintage fabric, wire, sewing notions and stuffing.

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Folk Style Art Doll

I'm almost done with this art doll. The body consists of cut out pieces of wood, an arm from another doll and the other arm is a nail. The head is a ceramic face I made in a clay class I took not to long ago. The ruffles are vintage fabric.


She originally was designed with nails for legs, but the wooden legs seemed to work nicer. I designed both patterns used for the body. My hubby has a scroll saw in his workshop that I use quite often to cut all my wooden forms.

MIxed Media Art Doll "Minuet"

Mixed media art doll "Minuet"is made with sari ribbon, wire, fibers, clay, porcelain, found objects. Minuet is a ballroom dance (French in origin) that was popular in the 18th century. I learned this dance when I was in much younger.

Art Quilts

I came across a few photos of some art quilts I created a few years back and thought I would share them with you.



The art quilt below was created these past few days. I am finding that I like to work with taking away color instead of adding color to a piece. Adding lighter layers to find that right composition.


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Printmaking Easel

I've just recently started to get back printmaking and I wanted to share with you a valuable piece of equipment my hubby made me to help in my carving. This is an adjustable carving easel that has eased all of my neck and upper back pain. The wooden pegs are adjustable so it can accommodate varying sizes of plates. When not in use, it folds up flat for easy storing.

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