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Not sure if I am done with him yet? I was thinking of putting a pleated paper skirt on him that would look like part of a soldiers unifom. Uniforms the Roman soldiers use to wear. When I look at their uniforms they remind of pleats for some reason. Maybe some leather tassels in the front.

 Anyway, I just wanted to share what I have been working on in the studio.



Monoprints Available

I will have the three monoprints pictured below available in my Indie Shop by the end of the week.

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This Madonna Assemblage had a totally different look to it. Again one of those pieces that has been sitting around for about 1.5yrs in my studio because it didn't feel right. The original look had all the black dominos facing up with the white dots showing and the image was a paper image that occupied the rectangular tin. Couldn't put my finger on it and wasn't interested in figuring it out at the time, so I put it on the back burner. Now that I'm finally getting my creative streak back, I finally messed around with it this week and figured out the issue. The Madonna figure I used is a ceramic piece I made last year.


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Collage Art Boxes

Last year, paper doll making peaked my interest and so I sat down and created several paper dolls made from paper, vintage fabric and fibers. I tried to make them hang from a tree like an ornament, but that didn't work out to well for me. So they sat until just recently and I finally brought them together with boxes, which will be their permanent home. They display much better contained within the box.

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Sprite Sisters I

I made these art dolls earlier in the year and I finally made the time to post them. They are fun art dolls to create.

Trio Of Art Dolls

I'm in the process in finishing up some art dolls I had sitting around my studio. I still have several more left to do, and hopefully that will be done before the year is up. It has been nice taking a break from art shows this year. I think I just became so burned out with doing show after show and I didn't do too many to begin with. I have a lot of respect for those artists who have a full schedule of art shows back to back. I mean some are doing anywhere from 25-30 shows a year and a few I'm sure require a lot of traveling. I just can't seem to bring myself to do that. I would spread myself out too thin and just too stressful for me. I was fortune enough to teach on line this year and that was an adventure and it was one thing I had always wanted to try. It's all good and very rewarding!!!

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Mixed Media Art Doll Della

I used a paper clip looped through the back hole on the vintage metal clip to get the doll to hang from a thumbtack. She was hanging on the wall at my work. You can hang her normally from the hole on the handle, I just used a paper clip because the thumbtack head was way too big to fit through the hole so I had to improvise.

I will sometimes take my art work to work and hang it up so I can critique it throughout the day. My daytime job is designing for lumber company, so I'm on the computer the whole time I'm there. That gives me plenty of opportunities to glance over and give her look over.

I originally started with the binding from a book as the main body and then it just evolved from there.   Everything came together except for the arms. They were originally the hands with wire showing for the arms, but that just didn't work too well for me. The wire blended too much with the background, so I opted for paper sleeves.


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Madonna Assemblage

Spent sometime in the studio this afternoon working on projects that have been set to the side for quite a while. Trying to finish them up before starting any new ones. I will post them I as I finish them.

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Mixed media paper Doll

Mixed media paper art doll Louise is made with various types of paper, vintage fabric, wire, sewing notions and stuffing.

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