Block Art Doll 11

Another block art doll created in 2010.

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Revisiting Past Work - Angel HInge I

I created this piece 7 years ago. It was made from an old hinge, found objects, fiber pieces and a few jewelry techniques I learned through the years. I found that you can really add to a piece with some of the jewelry techniques.

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Art Doll Blu



















Available here:

Just finishing up the last minute touches on this little charming doll. The cone shaped hat was a challenge to shape. Took me two attempts and I'm usually good at getting done the first time around. The arms are rusted nails that are attached to the body with wire. Supplies are getting low and I think I'm in need of a scavanger hunt for more rusty nails.


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Mixed Media Art Doll 12

Art Doll 12 is finally finished! She originally had no hat and lots of little holes on her head. I debated on whether the cover head or not and I finally came to the conclussion she definitely needed the hat.

She is off to a new home this weekend!!

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Angels Revisited

Trying to revisit an angel design I originally created several years ago. The photo below is a much smaller version of the older design and much more colorful. I tend to gravitate towards black and white because of the stark contrast and it's my favorite colors to work with, however, I push myself to exploring different colors.

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Assemblage - Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart is my favorite image. This assemblage piece is made from clay, silver glass, vintage pie pans, wood and found obejcts.

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Mixed Media Christmas Ornaments

Several mixed media wooden ornaments with different famous artists. The dangle are vintage christmas light bulb.


                          "Willa" resides in Istanbul, Turkey.


"Jewel" is available here.

My inspiration for my art dolls pictured from above came from an art doll created by John Whipple called "Balloon Girl."  It is an amazing piece.

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Angel Messenger

Not sure if I am done with him yet? I was thinking of putting a pleated paper skirt on him that would look like part of a soldiers unifom. Uniforms the Roman soldiers use to wear. When I look at their uniforms they remind of pleats for some reason. Maybe some leather tassels in the front.

 Anyway, I just wanted to share what I have been working on in the studio.



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