Pez Dispensing Totem

Several years back I took an on-line assemblage class creating a Pez Dispensing Totem. One challenge in the class was to create something and still have a fully functioning dispenser. My final product was a working pez dispenser, however, when I decided to sell my art doll, I landed up covering the mechanism that would allow for the head to slide back, which pushes the candy forward. You could still pull the whole head straight up.

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St Michael the Archangel

I created this piece back in 2009 and boy have I evolved from this. Sometimes I wish I could keep up with the same style, however, my drive for further exploration keeps from staying in one place. That can be a good thing and a bad one. It's good to where I am constantly trying new things and bad because don't give myself enough time to take that one thing and really work it. I've seen where artists keep reworking and exploring similar things and that is not a bad. It's just something they have chosen to do. Sometimes I look back at some of my work and wish I had explored things a lot more.  It's something to work on for this year.

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Girl Power

New set of art dolls I created using vintage tin, wood, wire, paper and fibers. They are meant to be displayed hanging from their wire.

Wire Woven Art Doll



I have been working a lot with wire woven pine needles. I have multiple colors to shoose from. The arms are ceramic doll arms, the legs are rusted nails, clay face, and paper trim on the lower half of the dress. The background image is one of my multicolored monoprints.

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New Art Dolls

"Art Doll 11"


"Art Doll D"

I was busy in my studio this past weekend creating some art dolls and they are available in my shop .

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Wire Woven Art Doll



This art doll has reddish color pine needles that are woven with wire. The pine needles come in 12" lengths, and are cut inhalf.. The bottom ruffle is made from paper and hand sewn in place. The legs are rusted nails that I collect from work.


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I've been working a new doll and this is an upclose shot. Will post completed piece before end of the week.

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Block Art Doll 11

Another block art doll created in 2010.

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Revisiting Past Work - Angel HInge I

I created this piece 7 years ago. It was made from an old hinge, found objects, fiber pieces and a few jewelry techniques I learned through the years. I found that you can really add to a piece with some of the jewelry techniques.

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Art Doll Blu



















Available here:

Just finishing up the last minute touches on this little charming doll. The cone shaped hat was a challenge to shape. Took me two attempts and I'm usually good at getting done the first time around. The arms are rusted nails that are attached to the body with wire. Supplies are getting low and I think I'm in need of a scavanger hunt for more rusty nails.


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