New Work for 2018


It was a wonderful holiday season, but now back to the studio. This is my first official art doll to start off the New Year 2018. This model of doll is something I created many years ago when I was heavily into making Native American Indian dolls. The indian dolls were made with leather and this doll was created with linen type fabric. Believe it or not, I have actually used several plastic grocery bags to make the head and part of the torso. Bullet casing were used on the upper parts of the arms and horses hair was used for the hair. Horses hair is something I use to use in making my indian dolls. 



Good to see this work that you have done in the doll. signs of lupus It is very beautiful to see the doll that you have made. I too tried to make such artworks at this time. Your works made me more inspired.

It does not look like your

It does not look like your first official art doll of the year durable tmt bars . It is having a professional doll making touch. Such great talents always need the best support. I will do that as a way I can do it. This is great work.


Oh my god this is so cute and very attractive. This white long frock is very suitable for the doll. I am wondering how these creative ideas are coming to the minds of this talented people. I also very curious to know more about these pictures and work behind it CBD oil

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