Folk Style Art Doll

I'm almost done with this art doll. The body consists of cut out pieces of wood, an arm from another doll and the other arm is a nail. The head is a ceramic face I made in a clay class I took not to long ago. The ruffles are vintage fabric.


She originally was designed with nails for legs, but the wooden legs seemed to work nicer. I designed both patterns used for the body. My hubby has a scroll saw in his workshop that I use quite often to cut all my wooden forms.


This is the first time I am

This is the first time I am seeing art like this. I do not know why this art became my favorite. tate modern guide tour I am going to study how to make such cute dolls. I think I can also do this work.

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I am so excited to see this

I am so excited to see this folk style art doll. I like the doll and it is so nice and attractive. Can you please share the making details of this doll? I hope you will explain it in your next post. Healthy Vegan Dinner Recipes

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