Fiona the Hippo

Our beloved baby Hippo Fiona at the Cincinnati Zoo. Thanks to my daughter I've become big fan of Fiona's and I created a linoleum black carving of our famous hippo.



Hippo Fiona. Nice name !!! I

Hippo Fiona. Nice name !!! I can understand your love for this hippo from this post. trinity builders reviews You guys are really fond of her and I would appreciate that. And I must say the drawing is so good.


From the portrait that is given here, I think it is a comic picture of a hippopotamus.This is a very good black-and-white painting of this animal. The people in the zoo is also named to him as hippo fiona Car Accident Lawyer

The baby Hippo Fiona looks so

The baby Hippo Fiona looks so beautiful and the art is perfect. The beloved Baby Hippo Fiona is at the Cincinnati Zoo. The Zoo is amazing and that is very chair dealers in kerala beautiful and I think everyone will love the Zoo.

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