Bottle Art Doll Nita

Experimenting with bottles and weaving with wire. Sometimes together and sometimes apart. I use different size and shapes of bottles. Trying to stay away from dark colored bottles because I can't see the wire pattern around the bottle.


It took me some time to

It took me some time to realize that you have done the work in a bootle. printer offline problem It is a really good thing that you are making some good kinds of stuff from such useless materials. Keep doing it !!!

Bottle art is really

Bottle art is really appreciated and it is a really unique model that you are prepared. I have seen the other types but this type is rare as I am seeing this for the first time. so thanks a lot for giving us a chance to see such interesting bottle art

That doll looks good. No one

That doll looks good. No one will understand that it is made of a bottle. I understood that after reading the description. Create more bottle dolls and share its pictures here. I like to see more. washington dc tour package Please do it fast.

Thankyou for this awesome

Thankyou for this awesome’s very informative blog thanks for sharing with us.

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