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This piece sits on the shelve in my studio. It is a stage with moveable characters, meaning nothing is permanently adhered to the shadowbox.

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New Work for 2018


It was a wonderful holiday season, but now back to the studio. This is my first official art doll to start off the New Year 2018. This model of doll is something I created many years ago when I was heavily into making Native American Indian dolls. The indian dolls were made with leather and this doll was created with linen type fabric. Believe it or not, I have actually used several plastic grocery bags to make the head and part of the torso. Bullet casing were used on the upper parts of the arms and horses hair was used for the hair. Horses hair is something I use to use in making my indian dolls. 

Fiona the Hippo

Our beloved baby Hippo Fiona at the Cincinnati Zoo. Thanks to my daughter I've become big fan of Fiona's and I created a linoleum black carving of our famous hippo.


New Tin Art Dolls

I have a few art doll ornaments that I created from vintage tins and found objects.

Domino Art Doll Tutorial Kit


Now being offered in my Indie Shop is the Domino Art Doll Tutorial. This kit has everything you need to create your own, one of a kind assemblage Domino Art Doll!


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Cincinnati's Tiger Lily Printmaking Groups Annual Sale

Printmaking show was a success and I loved catching up with fellow members

that were part of the show.


This was my first time participating in this show. I've helped work it in the past


New work never been offered before.


My usual spool art dolls.


Dry Point Etching

I have begun to explore printmaking on a steady basis. My newest venture is working with drypoint etching. Dry point etching is where you scratch your image into a plastic or metal plate and then print that image onto paper with a press and ink.

Mixed Media Katsina Art Doll


Traditionally, the katsina dolls come from the Hopi people of Arizona. They are typically wooden dolls representing of the katsinam, rainmaking messengers from the spirit world. They are known to visit the Hopi between winter solstice and the midsummer monsoon season. Legend claims that the katsinam once arrived in bodily form, but now they appear as the clouds bringing rain in the form of dancers at tribal ceremonies.

The katsina are not gods. They represent ideas and objects that define the Hopi worldview such as the sun, wind and rain; plants, animals and insects. They can even venerate important ancestors. Katsina clowns entertain the people and ogres to frighten children into good behavior. The Hopi do not worship the katsina, but they do offer them gifts to encourage new growth, plentiful rain and successful harvests. The Hopi live in a harsh natural environment and their survival depends on the kindness of the elements.

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Mixed media art doll Tipper. She is back from an extended stay at Tito's Gallery located in Las Vegas, New Mexico. She measures 10.5"x2.5'x1". Her legs are cotton fabric stuffed with polyfil and then painted. Her arms are made from wire and feet are porcelain. 

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Xylophone Angel

This recycled Xylophone was made with a thick cardboard backing and it was an interesting challenge attaching it to the wooden piece behind it. The wings and face are ceramic pieces and the arms are porcelain. All of the colored metal buttons are vintage.

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